C. historian:“The fresh new Cypriots send their young women prior to marriage to your beach to find money by the prostitution

C. historian:“The fresh new Cypriots send their young women prior to marriage to your beach to find money by the prostitution

Pompeius Trogus, 1 st millennium B.” That is a mention of prostitution in the haven off Aphrodite during the Paleopaphos. (due to the fact cited for the Justin, https://datingranking.net/pansexual-dating/ Epitome of history 18.5)

Strabo, step 1 st century An excellent.D. historian:“Now the latest sacred rites of your Persians, everyone, take place in the honor because of the the Medes and also the Armenians; but that from Anaitis are held during the outstanding honour of the Armenians, with situated temples in her own honor in numerous places, and especially for the Acilisene. Here they dedicate to the woman solution men and women submissives. This, in reality, is not an extraordinary matter; nevertheless the extremely illustrious men of your tribe actually consecrate in order to their the girl when you are maidens; and it is the fresh new customized of these earliest to get prostituted on temple of deity for a long time and you may following this to be offered in-marriage; no one to disdains to reside wedlock that have particularly a woman. ” ()

Some thing of this kind try told in addition to by the Herodotus inside the membership of your own Lydian lady, which, one and all, he says, prostitute themselves

In the Phrygia, in which Rhea turned into known that have Cybele, the woman is said to enjoys purified Dionysus, and has trained your the brand new secrets (Apollod. iii. 5. § 1), for example an excellent Dionysiac function turned into amalgamated on the worship out-of Rhea. Demeter, more over, the latest daughter off Rhea, is often mentioned because of the properties owned by Rhea. (Eurip. Helen. 1304.) New distress up coming turned great your worship of the Cretan Rhea are confounded with that of Phrygian mother out-of the newest gods, hence the fresh new orgies off Dionysus turned interwoven having those of Cybele.” (Athen. xii. p. 553 ; Demosth. de- Coron. p. 313)


“And again, ‘happy the guy just who, blest child, initiated throughout the mystical rites, is actually pure inside the lifetime, ((lacuna)) who, sustaining the latest righteous Orgia (Orgies) of your great mom Kybele (Cybele), and you can brandishing the newest thyrsos for the higher, and you will wreathed that have ivy, doth worship Dionysose, ye Bakkhai, already been, ye Bakkhai, reducing Bromios, goodness the kid of goodness, out from the Phrygian hills towards wider freeways out of Greece.’ And you may again . . . ‘the new multiple-crested Korybantes inside their caverns created this cover-up-offered circlet [the fresh new tambourine], and you can blent their Bacchic revelry towards the highest-pitched, sweet-category of breath regarding Phrygian flutes, and also in Rhea’s give place its resounding noise, to go with the brand new shouts of your own Bakkhai, and you can out of Meter (Mother) Rhea frantic Satyroi (Satyrs) acquired it and you can joined it to the choral dances of one’s Trieterides, in which Dionysos takes happiness.’” (Topography ten. 3. 13)

“But the Berecyntes, a tribe of Phrygians, this new Phrygians generally speaking, as well as the Spyware, who happen to live on Attach Ida, by themselves including praise Rhe, and you will create orgies within her honor; they telephone call the girl mommy out of gods, Agdistis, and you will Phrygia, the nice Deity; on the towns and cities and in which this woman is worshipped, Idaea, and you will Dindymene, sipylene, Pessinuntis, and you may Cybele. The new Greeks name their ministers by the same title… These types of exact same ministers are named from the her or him Corybantes.” (B. X. C. III. S a dozen.)

Pausanias, dos nd century A beneficial.D. Historian: “The folks out-of Dyme have a forehead off Athena that have an very old picture; he has got also a refuge designed for new Dindymenian mommy and Attis. On Attis, I could know no secret from the your, but Hermesianax, the new elegiac poet, claims for the a good poem which he are the latest kid off Galaus the Phrygian, hence he was a great eunuch out of birth. Brand new account from Hermesianax continues to say that, for the expanding upwards, Attis migrated so you can Lydia and you will prominent to your Lydians the latest orgies of your Mother.” (seven.17.9-12)

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